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Composing A Great Problem Solution Essay: Prompts For Middle School Students

A problem solution essay is a very useful academic paper for students. Writing such works, students learn how to determine a problem and find a way to solve it. If you’re assigned to write such a paper, you should know how to compose it properly. If you need help with this matter, you should read the tips given in this article.

  1. Make your outline.
  2. Before writing your essay, you should make an outline for it. The main goals of your paper are to make your readers interested in the problem, convince them that the problem needs a solution, propose your solution to the problem and convince your readers that your solution is better than other possible solutions.

  3. Write the introduction.
  4. You should grab the attention of your readers in the introduction of your essay. If your problem is unknown to the majority of readers, you should describe it in detail. If the problem is common to everybody, you may explain it briefly to your readers. Nevertheless, convince the readers that this is an important issue.

  5. Propose your solution.
  6. In the end of the introduction, you should make your thesis statement and propose a possible solution for the problem. Try to make your thesis statement brief but long enough to make your idea clear for everyone.

  7. Write the body.
  8. In the body paragraphs of your essay, you should write about your solution in detail. Give a bigger explanation of the solution, describe how it will solve the issue, indicate how it should be funded and who will be in charge, and prove that your solution will really work. Also, you should raise your arguments to prove that this solution is easy to implement, is reasonable enough and is better than other solutions to this problem.

  9. Write the conclusion.
  10. In this part of your essay you should summarize your points and make a final blow to convince your reader that your solution is the best one. Tell your readers what should happen if your plan is implemented. Give a detailed explanation of the situation after positive changes. If it’s possible, give evidence from real life, such as statistics, facts or expert opinions that will back up your idea.

  11. Proofread your essay.
  12. When your draft is written, you should make a break for a couple of days. Afterward, look at your work with a fresh view and check it for various mistakes and errors. This applies to spelling, grammar, structure of sentences and awkward word choice.