Learn how to become an great essay writer

A List of Fresh Analysis Essay Topics

If you are looking for fresh analysis essay topics consider the following:

Write a paper about why people act a certain why or what something took place or why something is a trend. To do this it is important to describe what happens or happened and why it happened. Consider writing about:

  • Why teens are able to fall in love so quickly and then back out of it so quickly
  • What is the cause of phobias
  • Why do we sleep
  • Why does muscle memory develop
  • What causes certain people to become addicted to gambling while others can gamble but never get addicted

Once you have a topic for your paper consider the following tips and tricks:

  • If you plan out writing time each day or week before the paper is due you can easily make the transition into dedicating the time and effort necessary to get the grade you want.
  • In order to remain on task and get your work done you should be disciplined. Write a little bit or take some notes even if you don’t want to. Create a writing routine especially for longer essays and stick to it. Having realistic goals is paramount to writing success. You should have a pretty good feel for your limits and what you can and cannot achieve on any given day. Set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve if you push yourself a bit. Do not set unrealistic goals because the more unrealistic goals you set and fail to achieve the less your motivation and self-confidence will be.
  • Write in a quiet place that is far from distractions... or at the very least far from the newest episode of your favorite show or your social networking site. Turn off your phone or at least leave it in the other room. Create a physical work space that is dedicated only to writing. While you might love the idea of sitting next to your roommate downstairs or playing with your dog it will only lead to procrastination. Unless you need the internet for your essay leave it off. Turn off the wireless and focus on writing. You will be surprised at how quickly you can get your work done when you don’t stop in between thoughts to scan new social networking feeds or read a new blog post.