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Recommendations On How To Write A 3-4 Paragraph Essay

In writing any essay style paper, there are certain components that are necessary no matter how long they are. You need to still have a conclusion, at least one supporting paragraph, and a conclusion. Sometimes smaller papers are more difficult because every sentence has to be meaningful. Sometimes the smaller articles actually take longer because you have to constantly rewrite and consolidate ideas into more meaningful sentences.

The introduction still has to be something that interests you. You still want to write about something you care about so you can let your passion come through in your writing. You want your readers to feel your passion. That will happen if you care about what you are writing. Get emotional. In a short essay, your first sentence is sometimes your thesis. You have to be able to tell your audience what is important to your first breath. Your job is to get the reader’s attention and open his eyes immediately.

The body of your essay will either be 1 or 2 paragraphs. You want to justify your thesis statement very efficiently in a smaller article. This just takes some patience and perserverance and it can be done. Make sure you explain your argument clearly and concisely In any paper you write, you are trying to create some kind of reaction in your reader. You want to give them a reason to keep reading. You want them to want to know more or even be envious that you have experienced this and they haven’t.

Your conclusion should be the best part of your essay. You must remember that this paragraph is the last thing your audience will remember. Make sure you remind them what the essay was about in the first place. Make sure you reiterate to them why you wanted to create this article in the first place. Hopefully, after reading this, they will want to look further or dig deeper or read it again. You want to leave them with some kind of call to action so they don’t just throw your paper in the trash and forget about it. Leave them thinking about your topic. Maybe they want to visit the place you were talking about. Maybe they want to donate to whatever cause you were supporting. Just make them do something and your essay was a success. Short but sweet can be more effective than long and winded.