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Looking for a Reliable Custom Writing Service: 5 Pieces of Advice

The Internet has hundreds of custom writing services, with various rates and specializations. Use these tips to select the one that is best in your situation.

  1. Consider the opinions by others, but do not rely on them entirely.
  2. It might be a good idea to ask your peers whether they can recommend any custom services, or look for customer reviews online. These opinions can help you discover trustworthy companies. However, remember that no positive comment, even from your best friend, can act as a 100% quality guarantee. Even a single service can be employing writers with different levels of skill. You friend might have dealt with their best one, while you will get a novice. However, if the company is overall reputable, the work of every their writer will be up to academic standards.

  3. Be ready to pay a reasonable fee.
  4. There is a line no writing service can get below without compromising quality. A skilled research writer would not agree to work for less than he or she costs. This minimal rate is subject to change over years, growing slightly with the general price inflation. As of January 2015, it was $10 per page for high school essays and research papers. For college or university papers, higher rates are normally applied.

  5. Make your choice between premium and accessible services.
  6. Custom writing services that are registered businesses in the US and only hire native English speakers as their writers generally charge higher fees. On the other hand, these companies are the most reliable and deliver papers of supreme quality. If you need to please a very demanding instructor, head for legit services with native English speakers. Meanwhile, if you are on a tight budget and would like to save money, you can find a decent service with more accessible fees.

  7. Study the user agreement closely.
  8. Some companies might include a point empowering them to re-sell your paper, or transfer your personal data to third parties. To insulate yourself against unpleasant surprises, give every agreement you sing a close examination.

  9. Consider the length and importance of your assignment.
  10. For a one-page essay, it might not be reasonable to spend too much time selecting the best custom writing service. Just give a try the one that you consider to be reliable enough. However, if your paper is a long one and worth many academic points, you need to be more selective. Order the first chapter for a start, and see how good a job they do. If you are satisfied, you can have them write the rest of your paper.