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What Essay Paragraph Structure Is the Easiest to Follow?

The five paragraph essay is where you start:


If writing is your talent, then creating content for essays should come natural to you, you should be able to entice your readers right off the bat and make them stay to read it all; but, if writing is not your specialty then a simple outline of how a basic essay should be is going to be your best friend until you get the format down.

The outline for the basic five paragraph essay is the easiest essay paragraph structure to follow and the idea of this format is the basis of every other essay paragraph structure, just more is added to them. Whether you are a talented writer or not you should always make an outline before you begin to write, this way you can organize what all you want to write and where you want it placed in your essay, figuring out the flow of the paper is what is going to grab the audience’s attention or not. This just proves that there is an endless amount of ways on how someone can write an essay and that they are all similar just unique individually for several reasons.

Format of the five paragraph essay:

  • Paragraph 1- state what your paper is going to be about, make it interesting, you need to hook your readers here so they read it all or else they will lose interest fast
  • Paragraph 2- mention your first point here, back it up with some research, quotes, facts, dates, personal experience, etc
  • Paragraph 3- mention your second point here, back it up with the same content as you would the first paragraph
  • Paragraph 4- mention your third point here, back it up with the same ideas you would for the first and the second points
  • Paragraph 5- in this paragraph you're state what your thesis statement was and summarize the points you mentioned, make sure the audience clearly knows about the point you were trying to make in your essay

The essay structure of the five paragraph essay is the same structure used in every other essay format; it is just bigger and more intricate in certain areas. Following this outline will let you create a great paper every single time and the format is not hard to remember. Remember topic, fact, fact, fact, and combine.