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Essay Proofreading: a List of Efficient Suggestions

Coming up with the actual composition is just one part of the essay writing process. The second part is the time spent proofreading. A common mistake that many students make is overlooking the proofreading process altogether. This can be a unfortunate mistake because proofreading is where you make the improvements that really help to polish your writing. If you make it a rule to always proofread and edit you’ll notice that your grades improve dramatically. Here are some helpful tips for proofreading your essay.

  1. Read Your Essay Out Loud

    A good piece of advice when proofreading your essay is to read it out loud. This will help you to identify any narrative issues that your essay may have. It is also helpful for hearing how your paper sounds to someone else reading it for the first time. This will be a great way to determine any improvements that may need to made.

  2. Shorten and Simplify

    When you are editing the first draft of your essay you should try to cut back and simplify some of the longer sentences. This will assist in making your essay more focused.

  3. Use a Thesaurus

    After you have shortened up some of your sentences the next thing you should do is refine your vocabulary. The best way to do this is by using a thesaurus. Try not to use the same word more than once. Instead, look up some other vocabulary choices and choose some stronger adjectives and descriptive words. At the same time, don’t use words that do not fit naturally within in the narrative, before switching out one word for another try reading it out loud.

  4. Get A Proofreading Helper

    It can be difficult to evaluate your own writing. If time allows enlist the services of a fellow classmate, friend, or even parent to proofread and edit your paper with you. They may notice errors that you have overlooked. It is also likely that they will have helpful suggestions for improving your writing.

  5. Double Check Your Spelling and Grammar

    Finally, before you hand your paper in you’ll want to take the time to double check your spelling and your grammar. These are simple things that can cost you grade points. This is why it is a great tip to slow down and look these things over.