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Typical Problems Students Have When Writing An Essay

The writing process is a long one and that is part of the reason most student have problems with their essays.  Another one is that they don’t start it early and then fall behind.  The can also be plagued with writer’s block, which can make the assignment seem impossible.  There are simples ways to fix these like starting early and free writing, reading, and outlining your research, will prevent writer’s block.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg of problems that student have when writing an essay.  I will tell you the most common problems student have writing.

Most Common Problems Writing An Essay

  • The first problem is getting started.  This is usually because they are trying to start the project without doing any kind of prewriting.  The best prewriting method is brainstorming.  Just set down and write down everything you want to know about the subject, this will help you narrow your topic, so you can start your research.
  • The thesis statement is also a problem for students.  This statement goes into your introduction at the end.  The best way to construct a thesis statement is to take your topic an turn it into a question that you are going to answer as your main point.  That answer is what you are going to turn into your thesis statement.
  • Another problem is the voice and audience for the essay.  Academic writing should be in the third person and use slang in their essays.  You want to make sure that you use good grammar in your essay.  And also make sure you know what kind of essay you are writing because that will help you identify your audience.
  • The fear of failure is a big one in writing an essay.  A lot of students have insecurities about the writing or they don’t think they have the ability to write a killer essay.  Even if you don’t like writing or have had a bad experience with writing in the past, don’t worry nobody’s perfect.  The first draft is never perfect but with hard work on each draft, you will be able to write a great essay.
  • The don’t know how to cite there sources.  This is very important because if this is not done then you could be in trouble for plagiarizing your work.  But this is an easy fix, first figure out what style you are using for your essay (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) and you can find sites that will make the citations for you.  And make sure you keep track of all your sources, when you are doing your research.