Learn how to become an great essay writer

A tutorial on how to write a good paper without any help 

While students who have a difficult time with writing assignments often have the time or resources to seek help when writing, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time. Sometimes, there’s no one available to help for free, or even to hire for help. Whatever the case may be, almost anyone can write a great paper by following these simple steps:

  1. Clearly identify the topic
  2. This is the most important step. Whether the student needs to come up with their own topic or they’re answering a question posed by the instructor, they need a clear, concise, and specific topic to get started. The topic should be the answer to a question, one which can be supported by the texts or sources the student is expected to use to write the paper. It should be an answer which can be argued either way, not something that goes without saying.

  3. Research the topic
  4. Using the sources suggested by the assignment, whether that be a particular text or reading assignment, or sources the student must find themselves online or in the school library, the student should thoroughly research. During their research they will specifically be looking for quotes and information which support their topic. They should make note of these as well as record the sources they come from. When they find about three solid arguments that firmly support their topic, they should research these three ideas further for more support in the same vein.

  5. Create an outline
  6. The outline of the paper should include:

    • Introduction
    • A statement of the topic (the idea to be argued), a summary of the three main ideas which will be used to support the writer’s argument, and a transition to the body of the paper.

    • Body of the paper
    • The body of the paper should be divided into three paragraphs, with each of the paragraphs devoted to one of the main ideas the author is going to use to support their arguments. The first sentence of each body paragraph should state the idea, then the author should list the sources and quotes that will support it, and transition to the next paragraph.

    • Conclusion
    • The conclusion of the paper should restate the main idea and the supporting points and tie the paper up with a strong finish

  7. Write a draft of the paper using the outline
  8. Once the outline is written, the student can then use it to write a great paper.