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How To Compose A Great Persuasive Essay On Xbox

In the last years, the life of children revolves around video games. They are not interested in playing outside with their friends, as long as they can stay in front of the TV and play their favorite game. Any teenager is dreaming about an Xbox, and this is not something that makes adults very happy. This is why you have to be extremely delicate if you write your persuasive essay on this theme; you do not want to seem like a rebel teenager. Keep this in mind when you compose your essay:

  • Don’t let your personal preferences dictate the tone. You may be one of those teenagers who want to spend all day long playing on the Xbox, without paying attention to anything else. However, you can not deny that video games are not always good and appropriate for children and only because they did not affect you, it does not mean they will not affect someone else.
  • Discuss about the dangers. I know that you don’t want to support the opinion of adults, but you have to be realistic. Playing video games too often, on the Xbox or another game console can become really dangerous. If you want to convince others of this, you need to bring scientific arguments and evidence. You can discuss with a psychologist and see in what way violent games can affect us on long term. Also, you can search for statistics that how violence is increasing in school among children who play video games too often.
  • Don’t forget to mention the benefits. In your persuasive essay you have to be objective if you want to convince anyone to believe in your ideas. Even if the adults admit it or not, some Xbox games are actually extremely useful for the development of children. Also, there are games who can improve their reflexes, their attention and capacity to concentrate. As long as they are not playing them in excess, they can be extremely educative.
  • Try to give some clear examples of Xbox games that are beneficial for students, and some of them who are damaging. In this way you can prove your point with real facts, by analyzing each game and discussing it in front of your class. If you want to make your persuasive essay outstanding, you can even bring your Xbox to class and make a demonstration.