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How to Choose Essay Topics That Would Stand Out

Being original is a necessary requirement any essay must meet in order to truly impress your professors and classmates. In order to achieve this goal, you will need to choose a topic that is fresh and interesting. It may not be unique, as it’s almost impossible to come up with a truly one-of-a-kind topic.

To be considered good, an essay topic must be:

  • Relevant:

    Your research must be an important addition to the field. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of your and your readers’ time.

  • Interesting for you personally:

    You will have a better chance of creating a truly impressive paper if you are passionate about the subject, or at least interested in the research.

  • Narrow:

    A general topic is too unfocused for you to create a good paper. There has to be a definite question that the research will answer. The importance of this question to the field of study must be explained in the paper.

Essay Topic Ideas

The following suggestions can give you some ideas of interesting topics you can use for research.

  • Should advertisements be censored and banned due to the matters of morality?

    Analyze some popular adverts and determine what kind of effect they have on different parts of society. Do they comply with the accepted rules of morality? Define those rules and assess the effect that breaking them has on different groups of individuals and society as a whole.

  • Should the drinking age in the U.S. be lowered to 18?

    Look into the statistics of teenage crimes in the countries with this drinking age level. Try to predict what kind of effect this step will have on American society as a whole. Do not forget to include the assessment of its influence on business.

  • Is using cheap labor in underdeveloped countries justifiable?

    Try to determine how much money some companies save by having factories in underdeveloped countries where labor is cheap. Calculate how the prices of their products will change if the workers at those factories are paid at the same rates as those from developed countries. Try to predict how this will affect the world’s economy.

  • Do people today lose touch with history due to the popularizations of hi-tech gadgets?

    Rapid technological progress makes some things obsolete almost daily. Try to assess the true range of the changes and their effects. Offer suggestions that will allow people to both replace various devices with hi-tech alternatives, and preserve and remember the tools that used to be important.