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Where To Search For A Character Profile Essay Example

This guide helps you find essay examples dealing with character profiling. After an explanation of what is expected, four different subject examples are explored.


You need to understand what is meant by writing a character profile and what these two nouns mean.

  • Character
  • You are describing the habits and personality of one person or a group of people. You are also drawing your reader’s eye to unique, listed characteristics.

  • Profile
  • This is a more detailed study of character/s. Intimate observations from real life and close readings are noted.

Fiction writing

Fictional characters are based mainly on real life. Because the character is fictional he or she is larger than life without being unbelievable.

  • Literary journals
  • Coherent examples on how characters are profiled are found in these journals that focus on fiction and literary writing. Most journals are found online. Begin by refining your search with ‘literary journals.'

  • Fiction writing guides
  • Type ‘fiction writing’ in your search field and look for credible how-to guides on fiction writing. This will lead to useful hints on drafting your fictional character profile.

Literary work

Literary writing responds academically to authors’ narrative descriptions of their characters. Case studies of how characters such as Jane Austen’s Emma are described can be found in online journals.

  • Academic studies
  • Approach your search for examples through independent research. Begin your work in the library.

  • Thesis work
  • Your college library and/or intranet lists previous work by academic teachers and post degree students. These papers offer good examples on how to profile characters formally.

Legal studies

During the course of legal studies, students are asked to work with case studies that require character profiling.

  • Journals
  • There are hundreds of reviews available online. Begin with universities specializing in law.

  • Case studies
  • Law reviews include case studies drawn from court records and legal precedents. Note how academic writers craft the background of their characters before proceeding to the actual case.

Economic papers

As an economics major, you will also be asked to provide character studies. As with the examples listed above, templates can be found both online and in your library to guide you with the writing.

  • Financial planning guides
  • Specializing as a financial planner, you will need to conduct detailed character profiles. Your can also look up registered practitioners and ask them how they draw up their profiles.

  • Sociological reviews
  • As indicated above, character profiling is not confined to one person. Theoretical studies often require you to note examples from distinct groups. This form of observation also applies to history and politics.

Hopefully, by using these different scenarios, you will be able to find useful examples on how to compile a detail character profile.