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Help Me to Pick an Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topic

Picking a cause and effect topic can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Look at history
  • Pick a topic easily researchable
  • Avoid repetition

Look at history

History is one of the best sources for a cause and effect topic. Looking through a history book you can have your pick of a thousand or more cause and effects topics that can be explored from different angles. The American Revolution is one such example, you can go back to before the actual breaking away from England began and investigate the cause of the colonists’ unrest, or you can explore the Boston Massacre and its effect on the colonies. There are many possibilities to explore in history and since they are easy to find your only difficulty may be in deciding which one to choose.

Pick a topic easily researchable

An easily researchable topic is a must for an essay. While this holds primarily true for any type of essay it is especially important for a cause and effect topic. If you cannot easily find the research material to find the cause and effect of a topic then you will need to pick a different subject. Researching will take time before you can write your essay and so if the material and be easily obtained then that will cut a few corners and maybe obtain more time in organizing of your essay once you start writing. You also want the topic to be easy enough to talk about, so that your audience will understand you.

Avoid repetition

Repeating can be dull and very uninteresting. When choosing your cause and effect topic try not to pick what someone has already done. Most literary scholars will know that your topic has been done before and might be wholly uninterested in reading your essay. Try to do a cause and effect topic that has not been done before but it also not very obscure, or no one will have any knowledge of what you are talking about. If you do pick a topic that has already been done try to change it, approach the topic from a different angle and show a different cause or effect not yet explored. This will help make your essay unique and avoid repeating what has already been done, and thus escape the temptation of plagiarism.