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How to Write an Analysis Essay about a Short Story and Provide an Objective Point

This article teaches you how to write a short story essay and provide an objective point.

First, in order to analyze a topic, subject or problem, you need to break it down into something you can handle. Analysis uses classification and division. Classification means arranging different objects, people or ideas with shared characteristics into classes or groups. Classification places them in general categories. Division is the act of seperating and sorting a big group into several subgroups for easier analysis. A successful analysis essay uses classification and division to establish and provide its point.

First, identify all of the components in the paper so that you can explain the writer's primary and additional points. Be sure to understand the writer’s tone. The tone of the paper sets the mood, which affects readers' emotions about the essay and shape their interpretations of it. Ask the following questions about the essay: what is the writer’s attitude about the topic? Why did they write about this? Is the writing supposed to be taken at face value, or is it satire?

Next, find the main point of the essay. Usually a good place to find it is the first sentence, but not always. A writer sometimes carries on through an entire paragraph before they make their main point. But a good essay always has one, and it's usually in the first couple of paragraphs.

Then, test your understanding of the writer's main point with a summarization of the work. A summary of a narrative is called the plot summary. This is presented in two ways: sequential and comprehensive. Sequential is when your summary follows the order that the points are presented in the essay. Comprehensive gives the main point a book, and then describes all the arguments and discussion leading up to the main point. Whichever you choose, a good essay summary states the main point of the essay as a whole, and then moves to its supporting points. A good essay summary also displays every primary point mentioned and avoids over reliance on any secondary point. To paraphrase is to restate a passage from the essay in your own words. Always acknowledged and label sources when paraphrasing.

Finally, evaluate the essay's secondary points. To do this, you have to judge and describe the strength and relevance of every supporting point on the essay. Here are some questions to answer in your analysis: are secondary points based upon facts or opinions? Do they distort or exaggerate? Are there numbers that provide evidence out of thin air? Is there editorial opinion being presented as fact? Are there enough secondary points in the essay that are relevant to the paper? If the answre is yes to any of these, the essay is not a strong contender for its main point, and you should note this in your analysis.

Additionally, if the writer hasn't considered opposing points of view, or if they have presented any logical fallacies in the essay, then your analysis should also take this into consideration and reach a conclusion based on the essay's flaws.

Now that you know how to perform analysis of a short essay, go out and evaulate works for yourself. You'll be surprised at what you uncover.