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Ten Creative Ideas for Your Psychology Homework

There are some creative things that can be done with psychology homework:

  • Research paper or essay
  • When given an opportunity to choose a topic for a research paper or essay, simply completing a search on a search engine can provide many topics to choose from.

    The following examples can be used in writing a research paper or essay, studying for an exam, or completing a homework assignment.

  • Conducting an experiment
  • Conducting an experiment can be done to help reinforce a concept being taught in psychology class, used for a research paper or essay, or provide data for an assignment or increase understanding.

  • Examples of personal experiences
  • Including examples of personal experiences in assignments allows a unique and creative way of showing understanding of the concepts. Providing real personal examples shows a better and complete understanding.

  • Picture or Children’s Book
  • Being able to find a picture or children’s book that exemplifies a concept is another creative way to show understanding of the concepts.

  • Find an article
  • Finding an example of something in the news or actually clipping an article that relates to the concept is another way to demonstrate an understanding of the concept.

  • Flashcards
  • Flashcards can be separated into piles, one pile of concepts that have been mastered and one pile of concepts not yet mastered. The piles are is easy to take along everywhere.

  • Create a quiz
  • Creating a quiz can help someone study for a test. It helps to think about how questions might be worded and coming up with the correct answer provides a way to remember with more clarity.

  • Create a game
  • Creating a game provides opportunities to study and a unique way to study with others. It creates a way to think about the topic and apply that knowledge. It increases the chances of retaining that information.

  • Create a crossword puzzle
  • Creating a crossword puzzle has the same benefits as creating a quiz or a game. It can be created on one piece of paper so it is easier to share with others or to transport.

  • Study group
  • Working with fellow classmates in study groups provides a way to work with others who have the same understanding of what is required. They can brainstorm ideas and provide insights that may have been missed in class. Discussions as a group may draw conclusions that may not have been discovered if left on their own.