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How To Write A One-Page Essay On Coleridge In The APA Style

Coleridge was a famous classic British born poet, writer, and dear friend of the equally famous writer William Wordsworth. His poems were famous, as well as his critical analysis of the bard, Shakespeare. If you study British literature, you will have to write an essay on him and his works. The essay in APA style should have the following components:

  • APA Style Essay
  • Size 12 font
  • Double spaced
  • Running header
  • Times New Roman or Arial
  • A title page
  • The three parts –title page, the abstract section, and the reference page
  • The citations and the reference page should be set up with the APA format. Bookmark a page to help you with this since there are about three hundred different combinations. A sample in-text citation for a book would look like this: (Brown, 2003). Brown is the author and the year of publication is 2003.

Topic Suggestions for a One-Page Essay on Coleridge in APA

The friendship between Wordsworth and Coleridge and the impacts that friendship had on both writers and their writings.

  • The Romantic Movement and what that means, why they are Romantic, and what they wrote
  • The Lake Poets-again who they are, what they wrote, and how they interacted
  • Explore his poems, the devices he used, his topics, and his formatting in his poetry structure
  • His great impact on the American transcendentalism movement and Rap Waldo Emerson
  • Coleridge and the bipolar condition-how it affected him personally and professionally
  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner literary analysis
  • Kubla Khan literary analysis
  • The Gothic world of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Compare two of his works or compare one of his poems to another poem written in the same time period
  • The critical analysis of William Shakespeare-was Coleridge correct and has his opinions aged or held relevant with time?

When you need to know how to write a one-page essay on Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the APA style, you can use our list of reminders. The format is very specific and it is different than other styles such as MLA. Use our APA guide, and also look at our list of possible topics. These innovative topics can be presented in many different ways and points of view. You will find that you are able to easily and quickly write your one-page essay on Coleridge in APA style with flair and success.