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A Quick Guide That Explains How to Write an Essay in 5 Steps

Students are often overworked, more so than the average person.  If a student is to do well in school they must attend that school for eight hours a day, and then come home and do up to six hours of homework.  If a student is in a club or sport they have no time for anything.  With that in mind here are five steps that will help students get an essay completed quickly and efficiently.  

Essay Writing Steps

  • Topic

    A student should pick a topic that means something to them. That way they are excited about the topic and more willing to work to find what they need to find, without delay.

  • Research

    Every student will need to take the time to research the subject.  They will need to find articles and organize them (outline).  They need to find more than they will use, so they will have a backup if something goes wrong with a piece of research.  A really helpful hint is that with each article they find, they should take down a citation. This way they won’t have to  do so later when they are finalizing the paper.  

  • Outline

    A student needs to outline how they are going to fulfill their essay requirements. This way the student can take the research they have found and place it in the order of importance.  They can pre-write here and get a good idea of how they will go about writing their final paper.  

  • Write

    This is when the student just really just cranks out the paper.  They have to take everything they have outlined and researched and put it on paper.  This might seem like the most daunting part of the task, but in fact it should be the simplest part of the process.  It’s just a matter of getting all information down and in a clear fashion.

  • Edit

    The editing is the most important part.  This is where the student really needs to double check for typos, grammar errors, or phrasing.  This is where students have to really take a fine tooth comb over their essay to make sure everything is right.

These five steps will guide the students into creating essays that will impress their teacher and earn a grade they can be proud of. These steps can make the process simple and clear cut for the student and give them the confidence to not let the assignment feel overwhelming.