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The Essentials Of Composing An Outstanding Essay On Love Versus Lust

There is a fine line between love and lust, one that can only an outstanding essay capture. Many have tried to find out the essence of that line, and so the greatest literature of out time has been made. Doing an essay on love versus lust will be both difficult and rewarding, because the question that you are asking may not have an answer.

It is definitely a tricky subject, so you should considers some essentials of composing an outstanding essay on love versus lust.

Read literature about love and lust

Antagonism of love versus lust has been captured in many novels, poems and stories. If you are trying to compose an outstanding essay on love versus lust you should see what the great minds have written about it. It was a popular subject from roman poets, to Shakespeare, and it continues to haunt the modern writer. See what they wrote about it, take notes and incorporate it into your essay. Quoting them will defiantly make your essay better.

Think about your experience

Writing an essay about love versus lust can be easy, if you have some experience with that subject. You have maybe felt lust and thought that it was love. Think about the good and the bad, about any situation that can help you composing an essay. Maybe you have some experience, or maybe you know a friend or family member who does. Talk to them, ask them questions, inform yourself. Either way, you will make a better point in you essay if you write from personal experience.

Brainstorm and role-play

It you haven’t ever been in a situation to feel the difference between love and lust, you can thing about what it would feel like. Writing an outstanding essay about love and lust means getting in touch with your deepest emotion. Try to think about how you feel when you love, and what do you think about when somebody mentions lust. Think about the emotions that those words evoke in you. Brainstorming such difficult questions take some time, but it will give results.

Just write, don’t think too much

This is one of those rare situations when organization is your enemy. You shouldn’t thing too much about what you write, you should just imagine what the emotion that you want to communicate is, and you will succeed.