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How does a literature review differ from other assignments?

It is important to first be sure of your definition of a literature review. In some ways it is the same as any essay or written thesis type of activity. One definition says that the difference being that a literature review involves the description of a piece of literature. Of course this can vary but is usually a fictional or non-fiction book but it can also be poetry or a work for the stage or screen. There is, however, a broad definition of literature and this can in fact include articles found in journals, reports published by governments and even a thesis or dissertation created by a student at your college or elsewhere. In other words a literature review is a review of a broad ranging category of written material.

And to further reinforce the normalcy of a literature review, it contains the same structural format as would any number of other comparable essays. It will have the three major components which are the introduction, the central or body paragraphs and the conclusion or summary. And its writing will contain the logical thinking as the result of excellent proofreading with perfect spelling, grammar and syntax.

What separates a literature review from other written assignments?

Well the primary difference of course is that it deals with an item of literature. The literature review focuses on the selected work. Even the creation of a thesis statement will be based on an aspect of the literature being reviewed.

One aspect of a literature review which does not separate it from other assignments is the essential characteristic of answering the question, being well-written and being well edited. Those various characteristics will never change.

Any student undertaking a literature review is well advised to spend time with their supervisor before they start writing to ensure that the literature they are to review is relevant and that the topic and a thesis statement they have chosen ideal for the written assignment is spot on. These are basic and bedrock principles in all forms of essay writing and certainly apply in the creation of a literature review.

One clear and obvious factor which must be demonstrated by the student writing a literature review is that they are intimately involved with the material they are writing a review about. By all means make the writing correct but be very sure that you read and read widely the literature you are to review.