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Governmental Policies Of The US Colonies

With the shaping of a nation the thirteen colonies in the newly discovered America came together to form the United Stated of America. Though the colonies where all governed by the British they all had very different rules and regulations on how they were governed.

In Virginia, Jamestown was the first settlement in the new world.  Jamestown was known well known for its cash crops crop like tobacco and the new world saw the first institutional instance of representation of self-government in the House of Burgesses.

Maryland developed and implemented a proprietorship which meant that the proprietor had executive authority. Maryland was also very well known for its many different sects of Christianity and later became known as a haven for Catholics with the act of Toleration in 1649.Delaware was known as New Sweden to many as it was founded by the Swedish Peter Minuit. Governed by Pennsylvania until the Revolutionary war New Sweden later became Delaware.

Connecticut laid the groundwork for the Constitution as many believe that the basis of the constitution was derived from the Fundamental order of Connecticut created in 1639. As one of the wealthiest colonies South Carolina was also the home to the most Revolutionary battles fought in that war. New Jersey was a big key player in the history of the United States of America as it was the first colony to ratify the Bill of rights and the third to ratify the Constitution. Rhode Island also played a very important part in shaping the constitutions. It was the first colony to guarantee freedom of worship to all of its citizens and was founded on the basis of separation of church and state. Even though Rhode Island was the last to ratify the constitution it was very well known for its fierce independence.

Even though New Hampshire was the ninth colony to ratify the Constitution, their signature guaranteed that passage of the constitution as in we would not have a constitution if they would not have signed. Massachusetts was founded and governed by puritans who wanted a place to practice their religion. Massachusetts was home to many important key players in the history of America like John Winthrop and John Endecott. As these are just some examples of how different each colony was. They were each their own organism with their own rules be it proprietorship or self-government or even what became the Constitution of America.