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A Simple Formula For A Good Argumentative Essay Introduction

There is nothing great than having a good argumentative essay introduction. I once had someone referring to it as a trial statement. Come to think of it, it’s actually one. Your introduction will be the difference when it matters most. Reading can be exhausting at times, and for that case, students ought to ensure that they have a well catchy introduction that will interest the reader of your essay. Your argumentative essay gets judged first at the introductory part, do a poor job and you might as well consider it a fail on your essay. This piece is going to focus on creating a good introduction for your argumentative essay as it is quite different from the other type of essays. Below is a simple formula you can as well use while creating an introduction.

Always start with a hooker

A hooker is a statement that gets the reader’s attention on the first instance. A hook ranges from an interesting story, a mind bobbling fact or statistics, or a very interesting question. Aim to give the reader something that will keep him or her glued to your essay. You need to kill two birds with one stone, grab you audience’s attention while introducing your essay.

Never forget to include the background

When you do provide a background in your introduction, it is easier for the reader to understand the main issue at hand. The background is very important in terms of arguing your points.

State your thesis

An argumentative essay will always entail a thesis statement. Your introduction should clearly state your thesis to the reader in the best way possible. Basically the thesis statement is what sums up whatever point you are trying to make with your essay.

Never at one point feel the need to further explain on your main points. The introduction phase should be left only for the introduction and nothing more, further details should be presented on the essay body, where you can expound on everything without limitation.

As you are figuring out how to proceed with your argumentative essay introduction, always remember that you need to grab attention, create awareness, and at the same time show what the essay is all about. Only with a classic introduction can one attract and keep the reader’s attention.

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