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The Most Interesting and Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you wondering how will you write you essay when you do not even have a rough topic to begin with? Do you want to know the difference between essay formats? Does choosing the right topic for your essay give you a hard time? Do you want to choose interesting and controversial argumentative essay topic for your assignment? If you are having trouble in writing your argumentative essay or choosing the right topic then you can find help from this article

What are argumentative essays?

Argumentative essay is the type of essay in which you have to convince and persuade your audience to agree with your ideas. Your idea must be supported with strong argument and deep research so that people can find authentication in your essay. When you reach the conclusion of your essay, you need to summarize al that you have written in the body of your essay and make sure the reader agrees to your idea.

Why is the topic important?

The topic of your argumentative essay is very important because it is the base of your essay. You will have to carry out research and compile data in accordance with the topic of your essay. If you fail to choose the right topic for your essay then you will not have a good essay.

A list of interesting argumentative essay topics

  1. Writing a fiction story is easier than writing an essay
  2. Technology has replaced work force in many industries
  3. Children need to be supervised while watching television
  4. People who lose their family in the early age tend to be street smart
  5. Spending a lifetime in prison can teach a person a lot
  6. The rising terrorism in the world and devastation of world economy
  7. Ruling class can never understand the necessities of working class
  8. Problems soldiers face in their personal lives after they have been in the War zone
  9. Saying no to children contributes a lot in mending their approach towards life
  10. The solar system and big bang theory
  11. Why Einstein is famous even when many people do not understand his theories
  12. Sport celebrities are paid much more than they actually deserve
  13. Movies can have a lifelong impact on a person’s behavior
  14. Books are the best way to kill loneliness
  15. Natural calamities can unite the nation in a meaningful way