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Useful Advice On How To Write An Essay Under Time Pressure

The problem of time is universal. We are all faced with time constraints. You may have noticed that time issues are also part and parcel of your lecturers’ lives. This short article gives you useful advice on how to write an essay under time pressure. It also leaves you with some timesaving and time-management advice.

Dealing with the circumstances

Even as a final year student, managing time is still difficult. At this stage, you know how to prepare a top-grade essay. But, working under pressure, you do not deliver your best work. Circumstances such as family and work do not allow the average American college senior to spend more time over thesis preparations. Faced with similar circumstances, undergraduate students are also not entirely at fault. Where high school students are concerned, teachers sometimes set an assignment for the next day. This is both deliberate and unavoidable.

Prioritize for this paper only

As mentioned earlier, teachers and lecturers are also challenged for time and sometimes set their students’ work late. These circumstances are avoidable through proactive pre-planning and better time-management overall. But some lecturers deliberately give students an essay assignment with a short deadline. Here’s why, and here’s how you can work around this. The reason some savvy and eccentric professors test you in this way is to see how much you have learned from the day’s lecture. In these circumstances, simply set aside all other college work and focus on this assignment only.

Focus on priorities, pre-planning and time management

Always type the draft and proof the final document using a Word Pro (or similar program). At this stage, there is no time for handwritten notes. Use what time you have for extensive reading from your prescribed text. Under normal circumstances, project planning and time management can be undertaken effectively. This begins at the beginning of the year’s first semester during which time you will immerse yourself with all subject work. Always prioritize work time for your majors. Most universities present students with a semester schedule. Plan course work around these timelines. Leave a week out of every month to return to difficult areas of work that need revising.

Finally, it was emphasized that you should type out your papers. Also, remember to teach yourself how to speed read in preparation for the processing of your final document. Remember that the emphasis is always planning and time-management.