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Top Seven Practical Tips On Writing A Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay is a writing exercise that challenges a person. It draws on the ability of an individual to paint a picture in words. A well-written composition can produce images in the mind that can be colorful and exciting all the same time. It isn’t really a major obstacle to a person if a few simple tips are followed in drafting the piece.

  1. Give Some Thought to the Topic. Before you start writing you need to sketch out the picture in your mind prior to composing. It is important to have an idea of what you are going to be describing.
  2. Begin Writing the First Draft. The descriptive essay is rarely something that can be completely written in one sitting. You can start with the first draft knowing you will be embellishing on it as you go along.
  3. Only Go into Detail When Necessary. Common things that people readily can picture do not need a lot of detail. The grass is green and you do not need to explain the color variety. Save your adjectives and similes for those your readers may not readily picture.
  4. The Descriptions Must Contribute. Within the body of the descriptive essay whatever you write about must not stand alone. It must help move the narrative forward.
  5. Do Not Forget the Background. Every artist has to keep in mind the background and you must do the same. Those extra words that create the background will help bring out the complete story.
  6. Use Words Prudently. There has to be a certain economy to what you’re doing the descriptive essay is not a novel. Choose your words carefully and resist the temptation to be verbose.
  7. Look at Things from the Reader’s Point of View. If a reader cannot quickly grasp what you’re writing, this is where you go into more detail. Concrete phrases are better than abstract ideas when it comes to descriptive essay.

This is the type of writing that can be a very good learning process. You can develop much greater dexterity in composition when you’re asked to do descriptive project. You may even discover that your everyday language becomes a little bit more colorful and interesting. The descriptive work as a way of weaving itself into your daily speech. You can consider it one of the rewards for putting in all of that time and effort into writing the text.