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How To Start A Cause And Effect Essay Properly: Basic Writing Tutorial

Cause and effect essays are very popular amongst teachers since to write one properly the student needs a very good understanding of the topic and subject matter at hand. Sometimes, however, it can be tough just to know where to start since this type of writing is different from a lot of other types of academic writing that you will have tackled before. Below is a basic tutorial on how to go about starting this cause and effect essay.

  • Understand the subject matter completely
  • Read the blooming question! You need to know exactly what is being asked of you before you can tackle the issue, so make sure you read the question thoroughly. One you’ve done that, it’s time to spend some time researching and reading around the subject. This is the part of writing the essay that takes the most time, but it is also the most important part since it sets the foundation for the rest of your work. Make sure to ask questions all the time you are reading in order to challenge really your understanding of the topic.

  • Make a plan
  • Once you’ve done all your reading and research, it’s time to set down a plan. This is the second most important part of the process of creating a top notch cause and effect essay. Depending on the number of words you have been assigned, you need to plan to write an introduction, a conclusion and a few paragraphs. Write down what aspect of the topic you are going to tackle in which paragraphs, and what part of your research is going to be used to support which points (because it is essential to back up everything you say with evidence).

  • Write the body of the work first
  • Although it seems as though the most obvious place to start writing is at the beginning with the introduction, this isn’t the best way to create your work. First, you need to tackle the body of the work, starting with the paragraphs and then completing the conclusion. Only once that is done should you try to compose the introduction. This is because introductions are actually the most difficult part to write, but become easier once you know what the rest of the essay looks and feels like. Make sure you link up the conclusion with the introduction to make the essay feel even more linked and professional.

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